Our Services Include:

  • Domestic shipping
    Based our of Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, we ship from coast to coast.
  • Fragile and/or perishable freight
    We have the perfect vehicle for one-of-kind jobs.
  • Freight Broker
    Our knowledge, expertise, equipment, and people means we can ship the “unshippable.”
  • Hazardous materials
    We comply with all Federal Hazardous Material regulations.
  • International shipping
    We deliver to almost every corner of the globe.

Dallas Fort Worth Trucking Corporation is the parent company for our expanding transportation firm. DFW Trucking include a trucking division with a truck driving/ management training center, a freight brokerage division, and an asset management division.

DFW Trucking primarily focuses on the company’s truck-line segment, and are expanding into several other forms of transportation, including rail-line, airline, and steam-line.

We will safely and quickly transport your items from point A to point B can be, and promise to meet — and likely exceed — your expectations. Call us today to see how we can partner on your upcoming transportation needs.